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. Quests One Jelly (of any type) or one Pickles (of any type) may be requested by Catfish , Rainbow Trout , Spook Fish , Super Cucumber , or Sturgeon in Fish Pond quests. What I got from Stardew Valley.

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Prismatic Jelly!! Congrats, and yes, it's helpful! It's helpful when you're doing the Monster Eradication Quests, or any quest where you have to kill a certain number of monsters, or when you're trying to get a specific resource from monsters (like coal from dust sprites or bone from skeletons). 1 Jelly 1 Pickles: Red Mullet: 3.

Step 4: Trigger Shane's Heart Events.

So I did the quest for the prismatic slime and it dropped two of the prismatic jellys, what do with the second one? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment IM.

Prismatic Jelly is a fairly unique item in that you can only obtain it once a particular quest is active, and it will despawn after it ends.

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While the Prismatic Slimes can spawn on any floor, they are most likely to appear between levels 95 and 115. The prismatic slime can be found on any floor of the mines, replacing a normal slime.


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You might encounter them at the Farm if you pick the Wilderness layout.