VPN Client disconnects after one hour Hello,.

. To use the VPN and establish the IPsec Tunnel link, disconnect from the DrayTek Vigor router's network and establish the VPN at the intended location or using an alternative.

The Vigors are able to determine their VPN WAN.

Now there can be multiple reasons why firewall was not able to decrypt it.

0 for the My WAN IP and Remote Gateway IP settings. Active IPVanish DNS addresses cause this problem. 0 for the My WAN IP and Remote Gateway IP settings.

-Hi, my name is Claudeir, I'm happy to help you! -Windows+i>network and internet>advanced network settings>network reset>restore now.

. Restart PC and test. .

Syslog collected on both routers. All sites are identical in setup - apart from remote IPs.

It means that the firewall was unable to decrypt the VPN packet and thus dropped it.


Disable “PING to Keep Alive” “Ping to Keep Alive” option is using ping to detect if the IPsec connection is alive or not. .

Slow connection speeds is often the reason for VPN disconnecting. The Vigors are able to determine their VPN WAN.

Then, type “ ncpa.


Internet Access to both routers, 2.

. . Connecting using the Java.

168. It does the same for either trype of vpn connection. . . The NAT setting is used with dial-out VPN connections, where the router would apply NAT to the VPN connection, which would give that network access to the remote network but no access in the other direction.

The System Uptime is separate from the WAN Up Time, it's possible for the WAN to disconnect / reconnect without the router's system uptime being affected.

Internet Access to. Please provide the following information to the support team for further investigation: 1.

Now, Inbound Rules > New Rule.

KB 4428 Authenticate SSL VPN Client by Windows 2008 R2 RADIUS Server.

Dec 10, 2019 · 3.

Restart PC and test.